Waterproofing Services in Singapore For Each Roof Type

There are many different types of roofs, usually differentiated by the material used to make them. Because of this, each kind of roof requires a different waterproofing technique in Singapore. If your roof needs waterproofing, knowing which type you have and which method would work best for it can save you and your waterproofing contractors time, especially when you initially call them for their services. Here are the four roof types and waterproofing methods that best suit them.

1. Reinforced Concrete Roof

Reinforced concrete roofs, or RC roofs, are typically used for establishments. If you’ve ever been to a restaurant with a rooftop seating area, it most likely had an RC roof. This type already has a sealed waterproofing system built into it, but after years of wear and tear, it can deteriorate and need patching up. In this case, you don’t need waterproofing services in Singapore since it’s already waterproofed. Instead, ask your contractor to apply a resealing to the roof. This method is much cheaper than getting it waterproofed all over again, especially when it doesn’t need it.

2. Metal Roof

Metal roofs may look good, but they’re less durable than other options. It’s weak against chemicals, so carbonating and acid-wearing can quickly destroy its waterproof qualities. Your metal roof can benefit from waterproofing in Singapore, which is less expensive and more sustainable than frequently replacing your roof. When waterproofing a metal roof, leakage experts use a three-layer system mixed with a flexible acrylic waterproofing membrane. This membrane protects your roof from water leakages and covers all of the weaknesses of using a metal roof.

3. Polycarbonate and Glass Roof

Glass roofs have become popular over the years because of their modern look, while polycarbonate roofs are excellent substitutes for glass. While polycarbonate is perfect for pool shades, verandahs, patios, and sheds, glass is ideal for skylights and glass conservatories. While both can resist intense sunlight and rainfall, waterproofing services in Singapore can improve their lifespan. Sealants are the best and cheapest way to waterproof these roofs and ensure that you also get them resealed whenever the waterproofing becomes too worn.

4. Roof Tiles

Roof tiles are one of the most popular choices for residential buildings. For one, they look good and are generally associated with a welcoming home. But the reason why homeowners prefer roof tiles is because of their advantages. These tiles resist hail, strong winds, fire, rust, and insect damage. Waterproofing your roof tiles will ensure that your roof remains durable against any natural disaster, and chances are you’ll never need heavy repair work. So long as you ensure that leakage experts regularly maintain its waterproofing, you won’t need to worry about your roof tiles.
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