Web development: main steps and tips for creating a professional website

Major things you must know for successful website development

Website development has a great impact on businesses nowadays. There is no doubt that having a website is not suitable for all people, but if we are talking about business owners, we should understand that it is almost impossible to boost company’s profit without a good website. With time, the value of web development will only increase.

The Internet continuously changes and surprises their users with new things. Just a few years back, there was the increase in mobile Internet usage. And now we can not imagine our life without browsing and checking our social media on-the-go.

Main goals of professional website development

The first thing you should do prior to starting development of a website for your small or medium-sized business (it does not matter which) is to identify the goal you eventually want to achieve. Some companies need comply with minimal requirements in web development. More often than not, it refers to small business web development. And in this case, the website will serve as an online representation of their companies that is quite important, of course. But if you set only this goal, you cannot expand your client base. It is more likely that there will be no effect on your business at all.

There is another important goal that companies set for website development – to boost company’s image. They want to have very beautiful and attractive websites and it is not surprising because people tend to prefer beauty to functionality. Also, plenty of companies start web development for their business to promote products or services they offer. And it is absolutely normal because this goal can really help you increase sales or the amount of your customers. And of course, there are a lot of other more specific goals, but we are going to consider three most important goals for business.

Website as a presentation of the company

When you meet with a new man and ask him to present himself, his main task is to tell the general information about him – what is his name, where is he from, when he was born and so on. The same situation applies to websites with a goal to present the company online. These websites should give the user the most important information about the company and the service or product that it offers. It does not mean that you should surprise your customers with some extraordinary information on your website. We just want you to understand that a website is a pathway with the help of which your customers can find more details about your company and the service you are going to promote. These websites need to explain all information in a very clear and simple way. They can contain information about company’s partners, location, its business owners. Also, if you want to tell your customers about the company’s history or to share your success story with them, it is an excellent opportunity to do it in your online presentation. Finally, your professional website should have all necessary information about company’s values and features that distinguish it from their competitors.

Website for boosting the company’s image

If you are going to create a website to boost the company’s image, you should know that there is a huge difference between presenting the information about your company and presenting the image of your company. There is no doubt that websites for businesses like photography, design, art, painting and so on must be visually attractive and have stylish and beautiful design. You may be wondering why It is very important for such companies because due to attractive design, their work seems legitimate to their customers. But what about companies from other industry sectors that also use their websites to boost the company’s image even though they do not need to sell anything? These companies want to achieve another goal – to persuade customers that money is not the only thing that motivates their company. With the help of a professional website, they try to show the company in a good light. If the company works for charitable causes, it is a good way to tell the society about it on the company’s website. Usually such websites have more detailed information about the brand, good-quality videos and pictures, very interesting blog with informative articles and so on.

Website for boosting the company’s sales

Business owners who want to boost company’s sales with the help of the website should understand the reasons why customers come to your website and what are they looking for? It means that the pages of the website must contain full information about the product or service you offer. Also, customer reviews have a very important meaning because they help an online shopper to make a final decision about company’s product. So try to make the customer reviews on your website honest and credible.

Another important thing that has an impact on the success of your business is the ability to order the service or buy the product directly on your website. You must understand that today people do not like to make phone calls for purchasing something; they prefer to use the company’s website to fill all their needs. So always keep in your mind that the goal of your website is to boost your sales and, as a consequence, to increase your conversion rate.

Efficient web development is impossible without SEO

You can spend a lot of time to accomplish the website for your business but what is the point if nobody sees it? The most efficient way to increase the traffic for your website is through SEO, or search engine optimization. Direct Line Development – a company of web development services for small business has plenty of articles on the subject and we recommend to read them.

Things you can avoid and things you can invest in

There is no doubt that when you start your website development you want to save the money where it is possible. That is why we decided to come up with a list of must-have website features and unnecessary ones to avoid expenses.

  • Additional features. If you just started your business and want to create a good professional website there is no need to overload it with some additional features like changing the background with circle of seasons, for example. We do not want to say that it is old-style and obsolete, we just want you to understand that your website can fulfil all necessary functions and be efficient without any additional features. Excluding such features will give you an excellent opportunity to save your money.
  • Site size. Let’s imagine that you need web development for small business such as gym, for example. You should not create a website with a huge amount of pages for each program you offer. It is better to post information about all programs on one page and build up your website gradually. This is doubly effective because that way you can not only reduce your expenses, but also Google will give you favorable SEO results because it likes the growing websites.
  • Fees for brand. We recommend you to choose partner companies judging from the quality of the services they offer, rather than the name or reputation they have. It is because generally, companies with dominant names tend to drive up prices for their services while the companies with less known reputation are ready to work for more reasonable prices.
  • Photoshoot. All of us saw websites with low quality pictures. What kind of opinion did you have about the company after such bad presentation of their products? Do not save money for good-quality photoshoot and you will never regret it because these photos will serve your company many years.
  • The platform on which you develop the website. What kind of platform should you choose for website development? This is an eternal question. We can say that websites made on Wix or WordPress are a good way to save money and time, but they are not suitable for long-term projects. Because if you decide to hire a developer after some time, you will have to give up the template and start to create the website from scratch. Whereas, if you create a website from scratch, you can work with it in the future and add more functions or modules as you grow.
  • A professional team. Before you start your website development you should create a smart team that will never give you unrealistic promises. So, invest in professionals and surround yourself with them and you will be able to develop the best website for your business.  


To sum it all up, we would like to mention that if you are going to present your business online successfully you should develop it professionally. But you should also keep in mind other factors of website development. Firstly, your professional website must be visually attractive and convenient to use. Secondly, it is extremely important to define the right goal for your website. And finally, you should use some SEO techniques to get the traffic. So if you are looking for a company that can create a professional website, Direct Line Development is always ready to help you with it!