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What Are The Things To Know When You Volunteer Abroad?

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No matter how trivial a person thinks about their help, it matters. How you lend a helping hand can go a long way, as it will leave a mark and impact on one’s life. To guarantee your little act of kindness can have a more significant influence, like making the world a better place, you might want to register as a volunteer abroad and in your local communities. 

Besides making a difference in the world, volunteering can help people gain valuable life experiences and learn more about different cultures. Before packing your bags and heading off to your volunteer work in Singapore and other places, take note of the following. These will help you in your volunteering journey.

5 Things To Know When You Volunteer Abroad

1. Research The Volunteering Organisations

Volunteer work in Singapore and other places is not as easy as you think it is. The job might seem like only helping others, but it should be on the same page as your interest. Otherwise, you might find volunteering exhausting. 

Before registering as a volunteer, research the non-profit volunteering organisations in Singapore that you would like to work with that have the same mission and vision as you. 

2. Exposed To Cultural Differences

Everyone is different from one another. When you volunteer abroad, you will expose yourself to cultural differences. Some might sound and look weird from your perspective, but that can be the common sense of where you are volunteering. 

As a volunteer, you should leave your opinion to yourself and not judge others carelessly. Learn to respect others so they can respect you in return.  

3. Understand The Language Barrier

Language barriers are common when you volunteer abroad in non-English speaking countries. They may know some English words, but the way they deliver what they want to say may not be fluent. 

In that case, try to be more patient and do your best to understand the people who you will help when you volunteer abroad.  

4. Plan Your Volunteering Budget

While some non-profit volunteering organisations in Singapore will cover the expenses of their volunteers, there are times volunteers will have to rely on their budget. Much like when travelling in other countries, you should keep some pocket money for your volunteer work. 

5. Pack Smartly

It will be easier to volunteer abroad if you pack your luggage lightly. You do not have to worry about how heavy your baggage is. Just make sure to keep all the important stuff with you by having a sling bag wrapped around your body. 

Volunteering abroad can be a wonderful experience that allows you to make a difference in the world while learning more about yourself, other people, and different cultures. Follow the tips mentioned above so your volunteer abroad experience is a positive one that you will remember for the rest of your life.
Singapore International Foundation is one of the non-profit volunteer organisations in Singapore where you can start your volunteering journey. Get involved by contacting Singapore International Foundation at +(65) 6837 8700 or drop by their physical location to register as a volunteer abroad and in local communities.