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What Motivates Me to Join Charity Organisation in Singapore

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I am fortunate enough to live a comfortable life with no financial worries. Years after hard work, my efforts have paid off and kept my company stable. I now have a small yet established business that gives me enough financial support monthly.

With enough resources, I have the privilege of travelling around the world. So, I visited a country in South East Asia where I noticed a homeless kid begging me for coins or asking for food. It was like a wake-up call from my comfort zone. I also need to contribute to a better place through a charity organisation in Singapore

In Singapore, homeless people are rare, and I do not have any exposure to the harsh realities of life. But going abroad changed my view. Here’s what motivates me to donate to the underprivileged community.

What Motivates Me to Join Charity Organisation in Singapore 

Sharing my blessings with other people also keeps my heart happy. It motivates me to be more responsible towards my actions. I also practise being more understanding about other people’s sufferings because it opened my eyes to society about why I should join a charity organisation. 

Here’s what motivates me to join organisations and contribute to the betterment of society. 

1. See Children Smile

Seeing children smile gives me a different perspective on life. I, for instance, was not appreciative of my life. I always looked for more; more money, more items, and more recognition. But life is all about simplicity. For this reason, I implemented a CSR program in Singapore or corporate social responsibility to help children improve their lives. 

2. Give Food to More People

Hunger is a global problem. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people who are suffering from famine. In my case, I can eat whenever I want. Plus, I can even eat my favourite foods anytime I want. There is a  contrast between me and the life of other people. And so it motivates me to join a charity organisation to give free food to those who need it. 

3. Inspire People to Be Kind

Kindness can influence other people. Life is like dominoes. If you pass goodwill to others, they will also pass it on to the next person. When I join a charity organisation, I inspire kids with the value of giving. I even went to a charity organisation with my niece and nephews to show why giving back to the community is heroic.

4. Improve People’s Life

I never know how powerful my impact will be on a person’s life. Perhaps, through the charity organisation, I can help them through their daily expenses. Maybe, I helped a kid finish his homework. I may not know how my efforts truly changed the world, but it comforted me that I, at least, changed someone’s current situation. 

5. Makes My Heart Fulfilled 

Another reason is that my heart becomes fulfilled as giving also makes me happy. I was doing this not because I wanted to make myself feel good. I was doing this because seeing other people smile makes me feel grounded.

Change someone’s situation for the better with Singapore Children’s Society, where you can join a charity organisation. You can also visit the website to learn more about the tax deductible donation in Singapore.