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Which is better double hung or single hung windows?

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Are you contemplating on which type of windows to install in your house? There are a variety of window options in the U.S. Each style has distinct pros and cons. Single hung and double hung windows are accessible globally. Advanced Window Products offers high-quality replacement single hung windows. Here is an insight into single hung and double hung windows, their differences and the advantages of single hung windows.

Single Hung Windows

Most new apartments, homes and office blocks have single hung windows. Their upper sash is stationary while the bottom sash tilts vertically. When you open them, the bottom sash partially obstructs the top sash.

Single hung windows are cheaper than double-hung models. They are suitable for homeowners who are under a tight budget. Nevertheless, single hung windows have several limitations. They provide limited ventilation as their upper sash remains stationary. It can increase the moisture level in bathrooms resulting in mildew growth.

Many people are unable to clean single hung windows properly. The top sash prevents you from accessing the window’s external surface from inside your house. You can hire a legitimate window-cleaning firm annually to clean and maintain your windows.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows have a bottom and top sash which tilt inwards. They improve your home’s air circulation and allow you to clean the windows’ external surface. You can remotely wipe and maintain them without hiring a contractor.

Differences between Single Hung and Double Hung Windows

  • Cost: Double hung windows have a high installation cost compared to single hung windows.
  • Cleaning: It is difficult to clean single hung windows since their sash is rigid. On the other hand, double hung windows have flexible sashes that allow you to clean their interior and exterior surfaces adequately.
  • Sash flexibility: Single hung windows have a fixed top sash and a movable bottom sash while double hung windows have adjustable top and bottom sashes.
  • Ventilation: Single hung windows have less ventilation while double hung windows have sufficient ventilation due to their flexible sashes.

Advantages of Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows offer numerous benefits including:

Easy Installation

Single hung windows are easy and quick to install. If they develop any hardware issues after some time, you can easily contact a glazier to locate and solve them.

Easy Manufacturing Process

Most homeowners chose wood windows for old and new homes. Often, manufacturers produce many classic wood single hung windows. They create a cozy look in your house, and they are ideal if you intend to maintain a particular character. There are different replacement single hung windows that suit various home designs. They comprise different materials.


Most single hung windows are available at affordable rates. They require less hardware compared to double hung windows. Most of them have on a tilt-in sash.

Energy Efficiency

Single hung windows have a relatively high-energy efficiency. They have one functional sash that helps in improving insulation. It significantly cuts down your utility bills.

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