Why it is Important To Develop Recruitment Standards for Better Hires


Recruiting well is not a rocket science. It usually involves two major components. First, you need to understand the job position that you want to fill and identify the human skills and qualification required to succeed in the job. Second, you must know the applicant and recognize if they have the expertise and traits that you are looking for.

Many companies begin an employee search with an unclear or no idea of what they are looking for in an applicant. Some managers don’t take the time to find out what the job requires even for important positions vacant in their company. Some companies know what they need but have no formal process to evaluate applicants, and use people conducting interviews who even don’t have an idea of what they are doing. The consequences in all these cases are misfits, bad hires, high employee turnover, worker compensation claims, high medical costs, and legal hassles associated to terminations.

Although, it is quite easy to learn the basic components and fundamentals of doing correct recruitment, there are no shortcuts.You need to do job analysis in order to understand the exact requirements of a job, and subsequently compile a list of job standards based on these requirements. Finally, you need to have effective hiring processes done by professionals who know their job well.

Job Analysis

Job analysis is the foundation of an effective recruitment system. It helps you determine the human requirements for the success of the joband avoid the trip wires to disappointment. Designing a good recruitment system depends upon getting your job analysis done right, though it is the most difficult step of the process. While it is the most time consuming task as well, it may need you to outsource help to get started. With little training and practice, you can also learn the basics of job analysis quickly.

Behavior Pattern

As people grow into adulthood, they develop behavior patterns that reflect their overall personality. Since these patterns are inflexible, they usually need a major life event to be changed. Some effective leaders hire someone who is most suited for the job and have demonstrated the required behaviors in their previous jobs. This is an important principle of hiring because of a major fact. If you are able to identify the behaviors that are capable of leading to job success and you hire the candidate with those behaviors, you are the best analyst of future success.

Development of Recruitment Standards

Recruitment standards refer to a cultured list of job requirements which is used to measure and assess the applicants’capacity to do the job and their chances of success. Once you have determined hiring standards, you should carefully document them with clear definitions and descriptions. Make sure these standards are understood by everyone involved in the recruitment process including the interviewers.

Even though, it is important to rigidly enforce recruitment standards within your company, make sure they are not static. They can be changed for a number of reasons such as new technology, revised strategies, revised market values, modifications in internal systems, and everything that can impact your high standards. Huntsville Recruiters carefully define qualifications of a hirable applicant by meeting your preferred hiring standards. They are well aware of your requirements and so, help you take your first step to stabilize your staff and reduce employee turnover.