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Your Handy Timeline Guide On When To Buy Baby Gifts Online

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Whether a godparent, one of the aunts or uncles of the little one, a grandparent, the best friend of the mum, or want to give baby shower gifts in Singapore, shopping for both the new mum and newborn is one of the most exciting parts of welcoming a baby into this world. The soon-to-be parents receive hundreds of gifts and other baby-related items, and some aren’t that useful and helpful in the first few years of the newborn. 

When giving soon-to-be parents a baby gift basket, the secrets are researching and following semester timelines. Pregnancy takes nine months, which means you also have nine months to prepare and determine which baby stuff you should invest in and purchase. It is best to lay the groundwork and check the trimester timeline for a stress-free shopping spree. Doing so can help you thank yourself later!

Ready to buy baby gifts online for the little one and new mum? Here’s a helpful timeline of when and what to buy!


It is never too early to set up a baby registry. You may give the mum a baby girl or boy gift set in Singapore consisting of essential baby supplies and clothing pieces in their first trimester. You may include baby pyjamas, baby shirts, soft fabric bottoms, baby onesies, and wiggle-proof socks and mittens. 


In the second trimester, this is when soon-to-be parents usually find out the gender. This period is also when the parents start arranging the nursery, so the best baby shower gifts to get in Singapore are big-ticket items or furniture pieces for their nursery. You may give the newborn and new mum a changing table, rocker, glider, crib, and other bedding essentials, such as a full-size crib mattress, bumper pads, pillows, quilts, stuffed animals, toy mobile, and the like.


During the last few months before delivery, this is when they are in the home stretch as the newborn is arriving sooner. When buying baby shower gifts in Singapore, consider getting some baby gear, such as a stroller, baby car seat, high chair, bouncer, or playpen. You may also gift the newborn and new mum some essentials they will need most of the time, including diapering essentials, diaper rash-free creams, clothes, baby bibs, burp clothes, and other baby care essentials.

From choosing a crib to a good stroller, there are a lot of tough decisions involved with buying baby shower gifts in Singapore. Before investing in a baby gift basket, spend a little time researching baby-buying guides and reading reviews on what products are best for the newborn and new mum. Thoroughly researching can be an efficient way to save money and time, as you will never have to figure out what you need and don’t need to purchase.

There is plenty of time before you start shopping for a baby girl gift set in Singapore. There is no need to rush and make impulsive purchases. However, if you’re looking for a shop to buy baby gifts online, Pineapple got you! Visit their site to shop for baby hampers today!