4 Tips To Help You Save Big Before Your Summer Wedding

With summer rolling right around the corner, getting ready for a wedding can be a tall task. As you’re gearing up to not only to arrange every detail but do so at a reasonable price point, it makes sense to freak out a little bit over the cost of your big day. However, with a little bit of knowledge on how the industry works and ways you can work around it, you too can trim the price on your wedding tremendously. Here’s how:

Search Around Online

Believe it or not, one of the best places to look when it comes to shopping for your wedding is online. While to some that might sound silly, the industry has changed quite a bit where you don’t have to adhere to the traditional methods of the past. No matter if it’s the bridesmaid dress you’re looking for or the type of catering company you’re trying to hire, there’s most likely a solution online.

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To begin, make a list of the wedding items you need, as well as how you rank them as a priority. This will help save time in going after the big-ticket items, leaving you stress-free to spend on the things you value most. Remember, the biggest thing you’re attempting is to bring down the price, which as noted by CPC Strategy is why 87 percent of people shop online. The competition is out there; you just need to do some digging to find what you’re after and hone in on the perfect price point.

Make A Big Chunk of Your Research On The Venue

The venue is perhaps the most expensive item to any wedding, clocking in between $12,343 to $14,006, according to Value Penguin. As these spaces know they’re in high demand (especially around the summer), they’re able to increase their prices significantly. If you’re looking to save on your wedding, then this is one of the primary places where you should look.

Sit down with your significant other and start to dig through what type of venue you want. Regardless if it’s a church or a country farm, the goal should be to find something you both will be excited to share, as that’s what your big day is all about. From there, start going through your network to see if anyone could potentially accommodate what you’re after, as that’s a primary way to cut on cost immediately. While I’ll note that you should offer some payment off the bat to anyone you might know, the mission regardless is to go for a spot you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Go Easy On The Guestlist

Although it might sound harsh to hear, cutting back on your guest list is an easy way to save on your wedding. As noted by Bustle, with the average guest list size around 120, this is one of those items that if you’re not careful, could end up adding thousands upon thousands to your bill. And while we want to bring everyone to our wedding, unfortunately, sometimes that’s not the case.

In talking with your significant other, make a basic list of who each other is trying to bring. Of course, there are going to be obvious choices of close friends and family; however, the most difficult part is the more recently developed friendships or those family members you only see occasionally. Although it’ll be hard to decipher, the goal here is to make this experience as intimate as possible, making it solely about your big day.

Seek Out Package Deals

Finally, a great way to save on your wedding is by seeking out package deals, which can help quite a bit. For example, as noted by Trip Savvy, 25 percent of weddings are destination weddings, which can be much more affordable than you might imagine if you’re able to find a package deal for you and a select number of guests. And although they’re going to take quite a bit of research, seeking out a group pricing mechanism could be an excellent move for your wedding.

The best places to look for group discounts are going to be for your big-ticket items, like your hotel or transportation.Try looking out for these early, as they’re some of the most significant saving points you could land if you know what to watch. Because although this will take some steady digging, it’ll also be something that could cut down on the bill of your wedding significantly.

What are you most excited about for your summer wedding? Comment with your answers below!