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6 Ways to Include Helium Balloons into Your Singapore Wedding

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Helium balloons are everywhere on the Singapore party circuit––from the engagement shoot to the bridal shower to the wedding ceremony. Modern brides may incorporate balloons into their wedding décor in various creative ways. They are more distinctive than flowers and are uncommon as wedding décor. Hence, each installation piece is as unique as the next. The following are six simple yet chic ways to incorporate balloons into your wedding.

#1 Balloon Garlands EVERYWHERE

Incorporating a balloon garland in the design of Singapore wedding receptions is having a massive moment. Take it a step further by tossing in some small balloons for a conversation-starting accent that no one can ignore. Mix and match subdued and bright tones with flowers or greenery to give it more character.

#2 For a Chic Getaway

Every bride will want their departure to be equally as memorable as their arrival. Attach balloons to the rear of your car or Vespa for a classy yet fun exit. It is a great moment to employ those jumbo-sized helium balloons around Singapore.

#3 Fun Backdrop for a Photo

Impress your guests with a balloon-covered wall where they can take fun pictures. Stick to a single colour palette to avoid overwhelming visitors. A busy mix of colours can also take away from your shining moment. However, feel free to use balloons that vary in sizes. It will appear as if you blew up each one of the helium balloons instead of your Singapore service provider.

#4 Upgrade Your Pool

A pool of levitating helium balloons in your Singapore reception venue is essential for a summer wedding. This concept is ideal for a sophisticated poolside celebration with an open bar. Include lights or floating candles to ensure that the exhibit glows after dark.

#5 Drape Over Your Dessert Table

Ensure to lead your visitors to where the dessert tables are in your Singapore reception venue with a delicious balloon display. Intersperse a foliage garland for an ethereal touch, et voilà.

#6 A Joyful Welcome Committee

Use helium balloons to decorate the Singapore reception venue entrance. The joyful cascade of balloons tells attendees they have arrived at the correct location. Combine the array of balloons that vary in size with a creative welcome sign to have people psyched and ready to party.Hello Joi is your one-stop shop for all your party-planning needs. They seek to assist clients with party decoration planning by offering their services at a reasonable price. Hello Joi offers services such as customising helium balloons and balloon arches for every occasion. Visit Hello Joi’s website to discover more about them and their other services, like proposal decoration, for clients in Singapore.